Up, Up, and Around!

IMG_0579The little kid in me really enjoyed the thrilling ride on the Seattle Great Wheel. You can find it at Pier 57 on Elliott Bay in Seattle, Washington. It takes you 175 feet up in the air for $13 (+ tax) and $8.50 (+ tax) for kids 4-11 years old. The rides take anywhere from 12 to 20 minutes long. They have a photo package where your backdrop is the Great Seattle Wheel, but you’ll probably enjoy taking your own photos better. The view from the top is breathtaking and calming all at once.

This is just one of the countless things you can do in this ultra hip, coastal sea port city. I love Seattle. I wish I could move there!

IMG_0604 IMG_0589 IMG_0588


I look at travel as the best therapy for when the life in my home city gets a little too overwhelming. The opportunities for me to travel are few and far between due to the busyness of the daily grind. But when the chance does come up, I grab it with gusto!



Author: Hilary Isaac

After experiencing a major setback, I picked up the million little pieces that used to be me, found a new passion to glue me back together, and started moving forward. I found solace in physical outlets such as running and going to the gym. In it, I found physical strength. I stepped outside my comfort zone, tried something new, and because of it, I found mental strength. I started taking time to pray and talk to God, and in Him, I found spiritual and emotional strength. It all really starts from within. When you find the peace to calm the storm inside you, then you can stand strong through any storm in life. What makes me a ToughGirl isn't just my body's physical abilities. What makes me tough is the determination to keep getting back up each time I get knocked down.

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