Life in Seasons

Winter can be dreadful and depressing. Trees naked from leaves that have fallen and long forgotten the meaning of attachment. Snow covers every square inch of the ground and  deceives you with such a pristine beauty that brings a deathly cold. But the trees aren’t dead. The snow blankets the soil in months of cold and wet–perhaps to help it drink in as much nutrient-rich water before Spring unleashes a flurry of life and colors after the next few months.


Spring is colourful, vibrant, and brings a fresh vivacity with each new sunrise. You feel inspired and awed at the same time and an urge to start something new wells up inside you–an excitement for a brand new adventure. The long wait in the grey cold of Winter is over. Now you can prance in the sunshine while you harvest the fruits of your months-long toiling prior.


Summer brings a different pace to each person. Some enjoy it as a school-free season, while the working masses keep on hitting their 9-5 daily grind. Nonetheless, Summer brings an ease to the atmosphere. You feel no need to come up with an excuse to stop and sit on a bench and enjoy a lick or two of an ice cream cone. You feel young again. Parties here and there, beach trips, nights out. It’s the best time to meet new people or maybe even reinvent yourself.

summer starfish

Fall sweeps in romantically. As you sink into the weariness of non-stop Summer fun, Fall understands your need for a little bit of quiet. The bright colors of Spring and the festive carnival canvases of Summer are slowly and ever-so-subtly replaced by more yellows, ambers, and deep hues of oranges. Some specks of gold and bronze here and there. Work doesn’t stop. Life goes on. And soon, Winter comes once again to cover the grass in white.


Life also works this way. It has its seasons. There are times when you’re inundated with projects–work offers that you had been hoping to get seem to be dropping on your lap. Life is good and you couldn’t ask for more. But then there are also lean times, times of lack and drought. When you feel you’ve lost your stride and you are neither yielding optimal results nor feeling fulfilled. You realise you’ve come into the Winter of your life.

It’s important to have an awareness about the kind of season you find yourself in. It will help you to understand how best to live out and live through it. I’ve hit rock bottom several times in my life and each time I did, it felt like an eternity. I was in between jobs except the next job took forever to come along. Or rather, the offers I was getting wasn’t what I was hoping for, while the ones I campaigned diligently for didn’t seem to come my way. But it didn’t stay like that forever. Things changed, opportunities came, changes came and went. Nothing is constant in life except change and the sooner we come to terms with that, the sooner we can have peace and a sense of joy about living.

4 seasons

Sometimes the seasons are more visible in our personal lives and relationships. A blossoming romance can make every day feel like Spring and Summer. But a thwarted love affair can make even the sunniest days seem as dreary as the darkest Winter. Although, Winter can also bring as much promise as the sheets of white snow bring beauty and calm. Times of quiet and lack sometimes can bring things into perspective for us. We learn to appreciate relationships and opportunities better when we’ve lost them. Hopefully when Spring comes around again, we’ll have wisdom, we’ll know better.

Perhaps this is the reason why the adage “Carpe diem” brings so much truth to it–because each day is fleeting; tomorrow is never promised to anyone. Even the most painful moments in our lives bring healing over time and if we’re fortunate and if we let it, it can make us stronger.


Author: Hilary Isaac

After experiencing a major setback, I picked up the million little pieces that used to be me, found a new passion to glue me back together, and started moving forward. I found solace in physical outlets such as running and going to the gym. In it, I found physical strength. I stepped outside my comfort zone, tried something new, and because of it, I found mental strength. I started taking time to pray and talk to God, and in Him, I found spiritual and emotional strength. It all really starts from within. When you find the peace to calm the storm inside you, then you can stand strong through any storm in life. What makes me a ToughGirl isn't just my body's physical abilities. What makes me tough is the determination to keep getting back up each time I get knocked down.

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