Get Fit

It’s been a crazy and über eventful past few months since my last blogpost. I’ve been thinking about what direction I’m really headed in so far as my blog goes. It’s frustrating to me to see my other blogger friends just update daily with so much ease! Meanwhile I have no clue what to post. If you know me well, you’d know that I’m a person who hardly runs out of things to talk about. Blogging, however, is an entirely different thing. There’s something more permanent about the published form of the written word. 

I may have stumbled onto an idea though. Lately I’ve been on a mad fitness rampage and as I’ve been posting them on my social profiles I’ve been getting a modest amount of positive feedback from people–even perfect strangers from across the globe! So I figured I could start sharing my fitness routines, what I like to eat, and join the positive global movement to a healthier, fitter, and stronger body and mind. 



Author: Hilary Isaac

After experiencing a major setback, I picked up the million little pieces that used to be me, found a new passion to glue me back together, and started moving forward. I found solace in physical outlets such as running and going to the gym. In it, I found physical strength. I stepped outside my comfort zone, tried something new, and because of it, I found mental strength. I started taking time to pray and talk to God, and in Him, I found spiritual and emotional strength. It all really starts from within. When you find the peace to calm the storm inside you, then you can stand strong through any storm in life. What makes me a ToughGirl isn't just my body's physical abilities. What makes me tough is the determination to keep getting back up each time I get knocked down.

2 thoughts on “Get Fit”

  1. That would be a good start, Hil. Heaven knows I need to get fit again. My tummy is saying hello far too often.

    And blogging almost daily is hard. I wish I didn’t have to, but there you go.


    1. Haha! The best time to start is now, they always say. The first two weeks is always the hardest I think. But once you get the hang of your routine you’ll be fine and might even find yourself enjoying it! 😉

      Thanks for the encouragement!


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