Straight Out of My Comfort Zone

On a whim, I decided to do something I’ve never done before!


I was debating on whether or not to announce it or tell anyone about a fitness competition I was coaxed to join. I felt silly just thinking about it and imagining myself on stage with the other competitors. I have always been athletic and active, but I never once fancied myself fitness competition-worthy.

I was at the gym on Monday this week–just another ordinary morning workout session, when I saw an old friend who happens to be a trainer at the same gym but in a different branch. He hadn’t seen me in 9 years. He was pleasantly surprised to see what shape I was in and said that I should compete in the Gemmalyn Crosby Sports Festival–physique category. I let out a loud, nervous laugh. “I have absolutely no right to join those things. I don’t have the body for it at all!”

Hil flexing

He walked me from the weight section to the dance studio where the walls were mirrored and taught me a few poses and pointed out that I had a very good foundation when it came to muscle definition. I was speechless at what I saw because I had no idea that I actually DID have the body for it. Looks like the hard work over the past two and a half weeks are paying off quite well (Yes, two and a half weeks. I was killing it with all the sudden free time I had!). We only have 17 days until the competition proper; I know it’s crazy to do this on such short notice. Pretty much on a whim, really. But what the heck. I haven’t done something so insanely out of my comfort zone in years, and this is starting to feel really exhilarating, the more I think about it. Especially since the team of trainers at at the gym are all so supportive and so encouraging.

I’m crazy nervous about the bikini I’ll be wearing, the spray tan (I really don’t want to end up looking like an Oompa Loompa straight out of Jersey), the stripper heels, and the poses. And then there’s the prep which involves ‘draining’ (when they start to reduce water intake so you get more muscle definition) and the strict diet a week before judging day. I’m really, really nervous about the poses and the catwalk. I hope I don’t trip. >_<

Well, since I’m leaving the country very soon for a long vacation, I figure I might as well go out with a bang, right? 🙂


Author: Hilary Isaac

After experiencing a major setback, I picked up the million little pieces that used to be me, found a new passion to glue me back together, and started moving forward. I found solace in physical outlets such as running and going to the gym. In it, I found physical strength. I stepped outside my comfort zone, tried something new, and because of it, I found mental strength. I started taking time to pray and talk to God, and in Him, I found spiritual and emotional strength. It all really starts from within. When you find the peace to calm the storm inside you, then you can stand strong through any storm in life. What makes me a ToughGirl isn't just my body's physical abilities. What makes me tough is the determination to keep getting back up each time I get knocked down.

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