Manila Jeeps


Metro Manila streets are filled with different types of public utility vehicles, one type of which, is this Jeepney. It’s a modified version of the army Jeeps that the US G.I.s left behind when they finally departed Philippine shores. Jeepneys usually bear unique phrases on their mud guards–much like this one. Perhaps he was raised by a single mother and this was his way of paying homage to the sacrifices she made to make sure he survived and thrived. That’s sweet.

Taking public transport in Metro Manila can be a harrowing and gruelling experience, given the massive volume of vehicles on the road and the elusive road courtesy among motorists of the city. It’s a real challenge to find your center in the midst of the hustle and ┬ábustle, and takes tremendous grace to put up with this every day. But if you are able to find amusement along the way and during the long ride home, things like funny signs or interesting names of establishments or awkward billboard adverts, it can somehow alleviate the stress and trauma. You live to schlepp again another day.