Meal Planning Basics

I know my posts of late sound a little redundant about the whole Meal Planning thing. Thing is, if you’re going into bodybuilding whether for fun or competition, Meal Planning is going to be the most ubiquitous thing in your vocabulary second to “gym.” It’s so essential to take note of the calories and nutrients you take in so that your body can gain and develop muscle, lose fat, and perform optimally.

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Here’s an interesting article from Muscle & Fitness that I came across yesterday. I like that it’s pretty simple to understand and even helps you go about creating your own Meal Plan. Hopefully your goal isn’t to become waif-thin or crash diet because that kind of goal is really the road to health perdition. Haha.

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It matters a lot what you eat before and after a workout and what you indulge yourself in on days that you don’t train, or what’s called “rest day.” There’s something that the tiny OCD part of me finds exciting about ¬†If you plan your meals well, you can¬†progress much more quickly and efficiently with very little risk to your health. 80% of bodybuilding is really nutrition. Like they say (and I’ve quoted this before), “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

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At first I was thinking, “Oh wow I have to ACTUALLY weigh my food?! How tedious!” And it is–but only in the beginning. After awhile you learn to kind of eyeball the amount of chicken breast or veggies you need for what your goal is. And cooking your meals won’t seem like a major production anymore. On the upside, cooking them ahead makes it easier, because when time comes to eat, you just grab one of your little food keepers and heat it up and voila! A (slightly) tasty meal, custom made for you. Haha!